I’m currently beginning my research for my Ph.D. in Organizational Systems with a specialization in Humane Education from Saybrook University. My experience with and studying transformative change inspires me to analyze sustainable models and practices for future development.

I consider myself to always be an educator. After teaching internationally for 17 years, I returned to my hometown of Valparaiso, Indiana to complete my degree. My 24 years of teaching experience has been in various locations such as Indiana, North Carolina, Ireland, Barcelona, Costa Rica, and Qatar.

The purpose of my research is: (a) to provide a greater understanding of the philosophy of humane education; (b) to discover how engagement in the Insitute for Humane Education’s (IHE) humane education program has affected student’s beliefs, and; (c) to chronicle the development of IHE and to provide an example for others in the field.

Note: My reference to IHE is not endorsed by the Institute and is of my opinion.